Public Servants, CSS, PSS & defined benefit members

Talk to an expert that understands your super scheme

Defined benefit super schemes can be complex as they have rules that are unique to the scheme and which may be different to rules that apply to standard super accounts. 

When seeking advice on a defined benefit super scheme it is particularly important to obtain advice from an adviser that is experienced in your specific defined benefit and knows its rules. An expert in your scheme will be able identify strategies specific to your super scheme and help you get the most out of your super. 

Here are some common questions you should be asking if you are defined benefit super member:

  • What is the optimal amount I should be contributing to maximise my defined benefits? What are the contribution limits?
  • If I have maximised my defined benefit contributions, then can I contribute to another super scheme and if yes how much should I contribute?
  • When is the best time to claim my defined benefits? Are there any important deadlines?
  • What happens to my defined benefits if I resign, retire or I am made redundant?

Please note that this is only a fraction of the questions that a defined benefits super member should be asking. As an expert in defined benefit super we can help you identify all the important questions and get you the right answers.

Experience counts when it comes to defined benefit super advice so make sure you get advice from the right person. 

A wealth of experience in defined benefit super advice 

Our Principal Adviser, Dennis Souksamlane is one of Sydney’s leading experts in defined benefit super advice. 

Dennis has been the Financial Adviser to more than 500 public servants and defined benefit super scheme members. He enjoys a strong reputation for the provision of high quality and transparent defined benefit super advice. He was previously one of the key Financial Advisers of an award-winning financial planning team providing defined benefit super advice for Commonwealth Government employees.

Dennis is also one of the most qualified Financial Advisers in Australia. He holds a Master of Financial Planning, a Bachelor of Applied Finance, a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and a Diploma of Australian Taxation Law. 

Dennis is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) of the Tax Institute and is registered with the Tax Practitioners Board as a Tax (Financial) Adviser.

The defined benefit super clients Dennis has helped

Dennis has helped many clients with defined benefit super advice including:

  • Commonwealth, State and Local Government employees
  • Air Services employees including Air Traffic Controllers
  • Qantas employees
  • Corporate defined benefit super members (eg Nestle & other large corporate super schemes)

Defined Benefit Super Schemes

Dennis has provided advice on a range of defined benefit super schemes including:

  • CSS
  • PSS
  • Military Super
  • SASS
  • AV Super
  • Qantas Super
  • Nestle Super

Advice Approach

Dennis offers a complementary phone discussion and complementary initial meeting for those seeking his advice. 

The initial meeting is the opportunity to get to know each other, discuss your goals, your situation, and discuss the advice complexities you are facing. You can also ask questions in the initial meeting. 

Our initial meeting allows us to identify advice opportunities which can be of great benefit and value to you. These may include smart thinking strategies in investing, superannuation, and other areas to increase your wealth and put you in a better situation. 

If we can help put you in a better situation, we will provide you with a flat dollar quote. The quote amount is based on the advice services you require and advice complexity. You are free to accept or reject the advice quote and there is no obligation for you to proceed any further if you do not wish to.

We are strong believers in transparent advice that is cost-efficient and provides high value to our clients.


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